3 Essential Requirements to be Eligible for a Family Visa

Living and working in a foreign country with your family can be psychologically taxing. It is for this reason that most foreigners who have achieved permanent residency in Australia initiate the process of bringing their family members close to them. Therefore, if you have decided that it is time your family immigrated to Australia, then you need to apply for a family visa from the Department of Immigration. However, it is essential to understand that applying for and getting a family visa is an intricate process.

Understanding the Health Requirement in the Application of Family Visas

Under the family migration program in Australia, Australian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their immediate family members to apply for family visas. There are various categories of family visas, which include child visas, spouse visas and parent visas. One of the standard eligibility requirements specified by the Department of Immigration, which applies to every family visa class, is the health requirement. This article will expound on the health requirement when applying for a family visa.